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climb the stairs to watch the sun

the answer's in the smile; π
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release your high hopes and they will survive

PI | comes from pineapples (although π is okay too). studying language and neuroscience (writes and RPs on the side).

→ beaches. sunshine. citrus. (does this sound Floridian to you yet?) baby's first snow day every single year.

INTJ (introverted intuitive thinking judging)
'cause this is the future and you are alive

TV | How I Met Your Mother ; The Office ; Community ; Scrubs ; Parks & Rec ; House ; Leverage ; (comedy and dramadey)

Video Games | Ace Attorney ; Professor Layton ; Tales of ; Portal ; (logic and puzzle)

Literature | Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ; Agatha Christie ; Charles Dickens ; Ernest Hemingway ; (detective and mystery)
dive in and swim away ♥

→ The proprietor of sparkles, blinking text, and caps lock, Pi makes you want to wrap her up in a little ball of sparkly doom. ♥

→ Pi: Number, pastry... enigma of the modern age.


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